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2nd Annual Mr. & Miss Puerto Rico Pageant

Saturday September 23, 2023 

The Mr. & Miss Waterbury Puerto Rico Pageant (please note that it's not a "beauty" pageant) is a cultural pageant celebrating young people in the Greater Waterbury Community who want to represent the Puerto Rican Culture.  For years the City of Waterbury held a Miss Waterbury Puerto Rico pageant and the women of this pageant have gone on to become leaders in our community.  The new pageant will welcome men and women and is open and inclusive for any individual who self identifies in either role. 

Our 2022 Reigning Monarchs are: 


Mr. Puerto Rico of Greater Waterbury:  Angelo Martone, Ponce 

Miss Puerto Rico of Greater Waterbury: Jayleen Rivera, Salinas 

Mr. Teen Puerto Rico of Greater Waterbury: Luis Miguel Santiago, San Juan 

Miss Teen Puerto Rico of Waterbury Roseminely Cruz, San Juan 

The goal of the Pageant is to educate and inspire each contestant to develop confidence and teamwork while appreciating her culture by learning about Puerto Rico.  Each contestant must submit an essay about why they want to serve and give a history of their City/Town and prepare a presentation board. 

Each participant demonstrates and displays his/her uniqueness throughout different performing/quality areas: preliminary interviews, cultural costumes, opening presentation / streetwear, formal wear, and on stage question.

The selected pageant title holders spend their reign-year meeting elected officials, attending community events, and participating in educational and recreational activities. At the end of their reign-year, each title holder receives a small scholarship.

Registrations for the 2023 Mr. & Miss Puerto Rico Cultural pageant will open in January of 2023 and close on May 1, 2023.

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