COMING 2023!  

Festival: Entertainment

Since its inception, the Waterbury Puerto Rican Festival will feature some of the best local Puerto Rican talent - groups, solo artists, cultural acts - and it closes with a few well-known performers who come to the festival from Puerto Rico specifically to be part of the event.

Attendees arrive early to grab the best space at the park, shop with the vendors, and get first dibs at the delicious food provided by both local restaurants and out-of-town vendors.

Festival: Vendors

Licensed vendors set up their tents to sell merchandise and/or food, which has been an economic driver for the City of Waterbury where attendees get to buy Puerto Rican dishes (yellow rice, roast pork, kabobs, fritters, turnovers, drinks, etc.) as well as souvenirs and hand-made arts and crafts.

All vendors must complete an application, pay a fee, and be approved both by the Festival committee and either by the City’s Health or Licenses and Inspections Departments to sell at the event.

The Festival typically is over by 6:00 pm.

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